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What is brand identity and what brand image? How to make clients come themselves? What and how to create, communicate, analyze, monitor? You don't need to know the answers to these questions. We know them and that's enough. We are here to create an effective strategy for your brand. We take you seriously because we believe in your potential. We are here for you.

What is the difference between vector graphics and photo? How to send valuable content using the images? How to create infographic? What is branbook, how should perfect logo look like and why font is not a type? You don't need to know everything. Our graphic designers have the knowledge and practice in their blood. Especially for you, they will create dedicated graphic designs, that will have nobody else but you.

Does Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing sound mysteriously? Don't worry. AdWords is our middle name, we put quality over quantity and we love „pay per click”. We know what tools should be used to place your website on the platform among competition's services. Are you asking why? The answer is easy. Customer will choose this website that is the most easy to find. Nobody likes wasting time on searching among thousands of portals to find what he looks for. We believe that the most valuable content is on our website and that's why we'll do everything to find you on the Web.

We conduct discussions on Facebook on any topic. We send the meaning of excistence in 140 characters on Twitter. Google+ is our good friend from the yard. With Instagram we speak without words. If we want to tell the world something important to the beat of our favourite tune, Youtube welcome us with open arms. We are inspired by Pinterest. LinkedIn and Goldenline are the places of our business meetings and Tumblr allows us to self-therapy. We communicate and collect. We post and straighten. We plan and react. We are social media ninja, PR squad at the forefront of the medium.

How to write to be understood correctly? How to express in the few words only the most important content without eye-wash? How not to bore and make reader want to come back? Perhaps these and similar questions you ask yourself each day. From today you don't have to. Our copywriters – masters of pen, hacks and national writers – will create the most valuable content that will reflect your message instantly. We cannot live without communication. We speak and listen. We are blabbers but we also want to know the others' opinions. We do not like monologues. We engage in discussions and we lead to the dialogue.

E-mails are still one of the most popular tools of direct marketing. The give an opportunity to reach a large audience in a short period of time. Do they have a future and can they build customer loyalty? Yes. Provided their strategy is well-considered and the whole process is carried out reasonably. The logic is something that accompanies us in every action. We keep our feet firmly on the ground. Our long necks enable us to step out beyond the box called „standard”, have our heads in the clouds and look over what others can see. Therefore from now, your e-mails not only will reach your recipients' inbox but they will be read. Magic? No, skills and experience.

The advanced world of technology makes that majority of enterprises are computerised. You and we also cannot be left behind. We implement new softwares, use several networks and servers, communicate more often by chats and internal instant messengers. Each day we virtually exchange between us terabytes of data. Time to take care about security of the information. Being aware of that, we introduced to the offer something new which is comprehensive IT audit. . Learn more.

About us

We’re team of enthusiasts. Marketing is as an air for us. In all of its areas we feel like the ducks in the water. We have valuable experience, built during realization of projects on various topic. We learn from mistakes – our own and others. We are creators of innovative solutions, strategists and thinkers of tomorrow. We believe that what we do is an added value. For you and for us.


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